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Double K Consulting Clients

Over the past years Double K Consulting has managed to grow exponentially, serving an increasing number of clients and penetrating new industries. Our long term working relationships and strong client loyalty derive from our hard work, perfectionism and high levels of client satisfaction. Following are some of our clients and industries we work with.

Professional Services, SaaS, GovCon
  • Kruze Consulting
  • Aspen Venture Group
  • TeamWorx
  • Maternova
  • Windfall Partners
  • Lukla Ventures
  • Northfield Consultants
  • Accounting Wise
  • DTC Global
  • V2C
501(c)(6) & 501(c)(3) Organizations
  • Trade Assoc - WBNA
  • Trade Assoc – FXPA
  • Trade Assoc – NUCA
  • Trade Assoc - NHCC
  • Professional Society – Marine Technology Society
  • NonProfit – Effect Int’l
  • NonProfit – CER
  • NonProfit – Justice Revival
  • NonProfit - Jevaia
  • NonProfit – PFSE
NonProfit Startup/Incubator Engagements
  • Trade Association – IOSTIA
  • Trade Association – SALA
  • NonProfit – Project Tumara
  • NonProfit – Pvblic
M&A Clients (Confidential)
  • Tech Company in the Healthcare Sector
  • B2B & B2C Service Company
  • Healthcare Compliance Company
  • IT Services Company
Board Memberships
  • Project Tumara
  • SALA

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Our uncompromising focus on perfectionism, accuracy and work ethics, together with our responsive support, are the reasons why Double K Consulting is the CFO company of choice for small to mid sized businesses that want to grow and develop faster. Join us now!

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Working with Double K Consulting will give you access to a fully functioning accounting service with the capabilities of a full-time staff, without the price tag of in-house employees. As an integrated package of services based on secure and advanced technology, Double K will increase your profits without increasing expenses.

Whatever your specific accounting needs, an in-house full time accountant cannot offer the senior level financial expertise and the savings of a fractional CFO.

Over the past years we have earned the loyalty of many clients who have relied on us to deliver higher performance faster, more efficiently and at lower costs. Join us now! Our team is ready to take the challenge and deliver the best possible results.

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